Television continues to be one of the most powerful media available – it is estimated that nearly 6 billion people worldwide watch tv. And with increased media conglomeration, successful radio syndication usually spawns more television programming. The opportunities to grab market share, on both the news and entertainment media fronts, are immense – the stakes are huge, both in terms of gaining revenue and more importantly, gaining mindshare of regular tv viewers. Westboro Baptist Church is regularly featured on television and radio shows around the world – her members joyfully enduring the media’s folly as news reporters and talk show hosts attempt to bastardize the word of God and discredit the humble servants of God. Below, you can check out examples of television and radio personalities who have abused their positions, platforms and influence to do the work of their father the devil – vigorously promoting the militant sodomite agenda, ramming heretical doctrines down the world’s collective throat and shamefully attempting to demonize the servants of God at Westboro Baptist Church – specifically for the love that they show toward their neighbor for TELLING THEM THE TRUTH OF GOD.

  • comedycentral

    Filth central - fools make a mock at sin.

  • news corp & fox

    Glee much?

  • time warner

    Global fag pimp.

  • cbs

    Dumbed-down fag speak for the masses

  • abc

    Dumbed-down fag speak for the masses pt. 2.

  • univision

    Dios odia a los maricas.

  • viacom

    Youth culture's pied piper to hell.

  • a&e/duck dynasty

    Duck Dynasty and A&E, hell's strange bedfellows.

  • glee

    God laughs at your calamity; how's that for glee?!

  • jeffrey ross

    Tells jokes standing up. Pees sitting down.

  • dule hill

    Fag-enabling tv side kick.

  • chelsea handler

    Nasty, loud-mouthed whore. With a midget.

  • neil patrick harris

    Doogie's a fag? Say it ain't so.

  • adam carolla

    Jimmy Kimmel's ex-filth bitch

  • lewis black

    No moo cow f**k milk to cool your tongue in hell, blasphemer

  • betty white

    Famous for being an old whore.

  • ricky gervais

    The UK version of The Office sucked. And God hates you.

  • geraldo rivera

    A true pioneer of junk journalism. Shalom, ese!

  • piers morgan

    This smarmy wanker is the poster child for a lack of journalistic integrity

  • ryan dunn

    Filthy, perverted & wreckless, Ryan is dunn.

  • velez-mitchell

    God-hating dyke muckraker. Dept. of redundancy dept.

  • kathy griffin

    Fag Hag. Imagine Lisa Lampanelli as a 'Bratz' doll.

  • anderson cooper

    Fag 3.0! Smarmy little muckraking prostitute!

  • mike gallagher

    God sent the shooter to the Amish, VA Tech & Tucson,AZ for WBC to preach on Mike's (God's) show.

  • bill o'reilly

    Satan’s Spin Doctor and Pedophile Rape Enabler!

  • rush limbaugh

    Wouldn’t recognize Bible truth if it were a bottle of pills on his desk.

  • glenn beck

    The Great Theologian and Whiny Bitch Speaks!

  • sean hannity

    Even Colmes makes you look bad. And that’s saying something.

  • chris cuomo

    Raising his son for the devil, but critiques WBC parenting.

  • louis theroux

    One of the biggest workers of iniquity alive today. And kind of a nice guy.

  • julie banderas

    The Great Theologian Bimbo Speaks!

  • jon stewart

    Dude, you are in soooo much trouble – and you know it

  • keith olbermann

    Head so far up fags asses that he can taste THEIR lunch. At ESPN you didn't come off as such a whiny bitch.

  • rachel maddow

    MSNBC’s token dyke. Ooooo, she’s so smart

  • wolf blitzer

    Cool name, but Christ-rejecting Jew and shows it.

  • megyn kelly

    Knows WBC is right but panders to fags anyway. And kinda slutty.

  • larry king

    7 ex-wives. Christ-rejecting Jew. Fag Pimp. Can you say trouble?

  • terry moran

    Dude – you’re an idiot. How did you get your gig?

  • stephen colbert

    Wraps his perversion in intellectual/political humor

  • bill maher

    Poster child for Rom. 1:32 – God Hates Fag Enablers.

  • rick sanchez

    You were talking to a prophet of God, dummy!

  • alan colmes

    Weasel-y Jew who got owned by @DearShirley

  • brian williams

    Talk about your journalistic lightweights. Lukewarm!

  • howard stern

    Responsible for pumping more filth into the airwaves than any man alive. And he's got a radio face.

  • tom brokaw

    News leader to america’s worst generation

  • ellen degeneres

    Famous for being a God-hating pervert. Period. Nothing more.

  • rosie o'donnell

    Perfect poster child for this filthy, impudent, libidinous generation.

  • ricki lake

    Early attempts at vilifying WBC and pandering to fags.

  • john stossel

    Took two cracks at WBC – got it wrong BOTH times.

  • whoopi goldberg

    Why are you famous again?

  • keith allen

    Keith, you’re no Louis Theroux. But you’re both God- hating perverts.

  • south park

    They mock every institution - and they nail it every time. Fools make a mock at sin.

  • jack gray

    Anderson Cooper's bitch. How is it being a bitch's bitch?

  • dave briggs

    Fox and friends are the enemies of God. Kelly Ripa looks like a serious journalist by comparison.

  • rainn wilson

    Ride your talent. Being a pervert doesn’t enhance it.

  • tyra banks

    Got owned by @WBCShirl and @fagsdoomnations

  • joy behar

    Loud-mouth. Bible-dumb. What do you do again?

  • oprah winfrey

    Most influential lies told by a woman alive today. God hates Oprah.

  • ed lavandera

    Early whore bitch of the PGR

  • jeremy kyle

    Self-righteous Brit who got owned by @WBCShirl.

  • fox & friends

    coming soon

  • npr

    All things considered, my ass! Consider fearing God and keeping His commandments.

  • pbs newshour

    From Jim Lahrer to Big Bird, PBS pushes fag filth

  • iron chef cat cora

    magine if Betty Crocker was a proud dyke and couldn't cook.